Origins of the Island Cooperative Compost Project

The idea to try to get this project going was hatched simultaneously in the heads and hearts of Philippe Morin and Chris Rigerover the course of the last year without either of them knowing the other was onto it, until mid-August. Now the idea itself seems to be pulling them along and calling the shots.

The motivation is simple. If there is a significant amount of valuable compostable organic material on this Island that is not being composted successfully, or at all – then it is time to do something about it.

The soil that feeds us and supports our animals as well as the beauty of the landscapes that feed our souls – needs to be alive.

Good compost can be our broadest spectrum, longest lasting contribution to the soil’s own ability to renew and strengthen its ongoing life. Without added strength like that, under our use, it tends otherwise.

If we do not care for the soil and feed it, returning what we take from it, it will slowly go on dying. But not so slowly that we will not feel it – soon.