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Benefits to Martha’s Vineyard of Cooperative Composting


1) More protected space for the magic of nature’s infinite intelligence and creativity to go on working.

2) Greater amounts of humus-rich compost with which to feed the soil and give back some of the bounty it has been giving us.

3) Savings in energy, of many kinds, in disposal of organic wastes without shipping – in a constructive way. Eventually including savings on purchase and shipping costs for off-Island compost, fertilizers and potting mixes. And then there is the creation of energy, of life itself.

4) Greater cooperation and collaboration among Island farmers, landscapers, horse owners, residents, institutions, groceries, restaurants, schools, etc. which can only lead to a more cohesive community and thus more benefits for Martha’s Vineyard.

5) All the other benefits which you can think of and which will emerge from your inputs to this web-site and to the Island Cooperative Compost Project!