About The Project

Objectives of The Island Cooperative Compost Project

These are our seven core goals. All our efforts in the first weeks and months of this project will be focusing on developing strategies to stick to these objectives and guidelines and to realize those goals.

1: To dramatically increase the quantity and quality of compost made here on Martha’s Vineyard for use by Island farmers, gardeners and grassland managers.

2: To use as the primary measure of quality and primary production imperative the creation of a high percentage of stable humus in the finished compost.

3: In compost production to focus on enhancing the role and effectiveness of earthworms in the composting process and to utilize actual Vermicomposting practices in many situations.

4: To develop production methods for also carrying on Vermiculture to raise large quantities of earthworms for new compost production and for direct use as chicken food, etc.

5: To organize the project as much as possible as a cooperative effort and to make it self-sustaining.

6: As practical production methods evolve, to make use of as much appropriate discarded organic material as possible Island-wide, with animal manures being central to producing the most stable and fertile compost.

7: To serve homeowners and small gardeners as well as large farmers, horse owners, groceries, restaurants, schools and landscapers in collection of compostable materials and supply of finished compost and earthworms for their use.

Seven essential logistical needs are required to meet the objectives above,

1) accessible land sites with water availability to build windrow compost piles

2) materials moving vehicles and equipment

3) basic funds to cover labor, fuel, research, and planning time

4) on-hand start-up populations of compost earthworms

5) substantial knowledge of the process and of the next correct questions to research

6) several years of practical experience with the process on a fairly large-scale

7) the motivation to produce compost with the maximum in stable humus percentage

at this time we bring # 4, 5, 6 & 7 to the project.

One current purpose of this website and our request for your input is to explore how the project might meet the first three needs.

We will be setting up an appropriate non-profit status and structure for this project as part of our next stage of organization. We are also open to the possibility that it will become an actual “Cooperative”.


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