Martha’s Vineyard Horse Owners: we’re looking for YOU!

Greetings to all you horse owners on Martha’s Vineyard Island. Your animals and all the work you do to care for them are a highly valuable addition to the life and beauty of our community!

If you own one or two horses, a few, or a herd one of your regular chores is managing their manure. We would like to help with that work! It has been suggested by our preliminary research that there may be quite a few horse owners tucked away out there, on this magical island that is so much bigger and more diverse than its geographical size would indicate, who have manure that has not been removed or set up as effective compost piles.

If the time has come for you to do something about those reserves of horse manure we would like to talk with you about how we might help. Currently our ability to pick up and haul away large amounts of manure is limited but we can manage some. If you have a considerable amount and it is time for it to leave your property if you can arrange transport we can offer you a drop off site with convenient hours and a smaller tipping fee than anywhere else on the island!

And most importantly you will know that it is being transformed into high quality humus-rich compost that will be used to strengthen soil somewhere on Martha’s Vineyard! For making quality compost from your horse manure we can offer help with two other options as well.

If you feel you now have the time and interest to do some serious composting yourself on your property we can help get you started with a site visit to evaluate your manure management needs and give you suggestions on how to best compost the manure for your situation.

If you have a large amount of stockpiled manure and would would like to have the use of some high quality compost but also work towards removing the manure from your land we can come on site and “seed” your big old pile of manure to get it started composting again correctly, even through the winter, and in the spring arrange to harvest the finished manure and have the rest removed from your land.

Please call Chris Riger: 508 560 2019 to inquire about any of the services above.

And please remember that your horses are supported by the soil under their feet and by the overall well being of our island economy and community – which is dependent on how wisely we use our resources. Effectively and properly composting all possible organic waste materials for use to strengthen the fertility and stability of all our soils is a wise use of these resources. One of the true ways to take our own future into our own hands!

Thank You!

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