Falling Leaves: Calling all Martha’s Vineyard Landscapers, Lawn Maintenance folks, and Homeowners!

Last night, with the deepest frost yet this fall, we saw a big acceleration of the release of leaves by our trees! Did you know that old leaves don’t just fall off the trees when they are done working but that the tree itself has to release them – literally push them off? That is why when a branch or a tree is killed while it is still in leaf you will see the brown, dry, withered leaves stay on the branches for a long while through wind, rain, etc.

The Island Cooperative Compost Project to take some pressure off our dumps and other disposal sites is arranging to take delivery of raked leaves, grass clippings, cleared vegetation and chipped branches and twigs. We have an up-island site available now and are working to confirm a mid-island site.

For the up-island site now you can bring your leaves, etc. 24/7 – any time of day! Because our project is just getting off the ground and needs all the support we can muster we would like to get a modest tipping fee for the drop off. However, it will be be competitive with any other such fees on the Island and if it is really beyond your means we will take the material regardless. Also, we hope our sites will be more convenient for you to use!

To get directions and arrange for drop-off at the up-island site please call Chris Riger: 508 560 2019    Thank you!

Our project is also available, on a limited basis, to offer the service of raking your leaves and hauling them away. Again please call the number above to inquire about that service.


One thought on “Falling Leaves: Calling all Martha’s Vineyard Landscapers, Lawn Maintenance folks, and Homeowners!

  1. It’s important to me that we look at the net environmental implacts of our composting strategies and systems. In general, I’m reluctant to use mowers, leaf blowers, tractors and other fossil-fueled machiness (for cutting, chopping, transporting, and turning leaves, manure, etc., even if they’re powered by electricity). Yes, in some ways I want us to return to the ‘dark ages’.

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