Composting Workshop, Learn how to Make “Black Gold”

Composting Workshop Saturday October 22

Instruction through hands-on production is how we intend to conduct our workshops. Learn of the underlying natural relationship’s which create compost while actually building new compost windrows suitable for vermicomposting. From 10 AM to 3pm, with a meal. All together, a work party.

Workshop One, Pre-registration Form
Date: October, 22 time: open, from10 am to 3pm
Island Alpaca Farm, north of parking area
Refreshments & food to follow, pot-luck welcome
No fee, donations accepted


2 thoughts on “Composting Workshop, Learn how to Make “Black Gold”

  1. Beginner. We just moved to a house where the homeowner has a garden. He had been adding manure to the soil for a few years. We’d love to get a compost started so we can add it to the garden in the spring. I grew up gardening but surprisingly we never composted. My dad grew up on a dairy farm in northern Michigan but composting was never a part of our gardening.

    • Debbie, thank you for registering for our first workshop and for the comment you left. My own feeling is that if you are committed to setting up a compost pile and you see the value of doing it then you are already more than a beginner! Our workshop will be for people like yourself as well as for those with even considerable experience. It will be very hands on and practical and will also present the background understanding of the life functions in a compost pile which make it productive.

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